Club Licence

Single Licence

License Packages

Single license
License for installation on one computer. Support and all upgrades are included.

Club license
This package is for installation on 3 computers, and Interplay will provide the club with 7 free licenses which can be used for coach and youth player development. Support and all upgrades are included.

 Federation package
Licenses for all national coaches and video coaches for supporting all your national teams. All education and support is included.

Interplay Sports is new to Australia

Interplay Sports Australia video analysis. Your development system for all teams and all levels

 The Interplay family of video analysis tools: Pro, Semipro and Minipro.

They will help your team to reach the next level...

Pro is the ultimate video analysis software for national teams and clubs. This is a leading tool to analyse every aspect of your games and your players performance.

SemiPro is the tool for medium complex analysis and the coach's tool for video feedback to the players.

MiniPro will develop your Youth players with the same methods as the Pro video analysis software. The players can create their own highlight videos for self study and/or recruitment to the college or professional level.
MiniPro is a perfect tool where the parent can support the team with individual tagging and easy variables.

 The Ultimate Tool for Match Analysis, Video Development, Match Strategy and for Scouting

Federation Package